When you hear adjectives like Fun, Joyful, Loving, Relaxing, Friendly, etc, a 'church' is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind... Well, welcome to Fusion Church! We invite you to a church like you’ve never experienced before. A community of friends and neighbours where it is a blast to belong to. The key is that we are not focused on a religion, but a personal relationship with God. And when you discover the love of God, you discover a life - a life worth living. So, we encourage you, it does not matter what your situation is, single, single again, married, married again, never been to church or may be you’ve been hurt by a church and given up, please consider it one last time. There is a warm accepting place waiting for you and your family. Please visit us and we're sure that you will never be the same again!


  • Fun & friendly people
  • Encouraging upbeat music
  • Practical lessons for real life
  • A place to grow
  • Creative media
  • Casual dressing
  • A high quality comfortable facility


Fusion Church is not about building buildings and organisations, it is about reaching people, helping people establish a personal relationship with God. It is about helping people live lives fulfilling a purpose, God’s purpose.
Our contemporary casual style enables you to experience live music, video, drama and a message that creatively address your everyday life. Attending our services is crucial to spiritual development, while small groups enhance that experience by providing a place to build lifelong relationships in a relaxed, familiar and comfortable setting. We have a variety of study groups at Fusion Church to learn about the Bible and various Christian experiences. We have teams meeting throughout the week for deeper spiritual growth. We connect for Bible Study, Prayer, Young Professional Meet, Leadership Development to fit our needs.

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