Pastor's Welcome

Every connect we do at Fusion Church reflects the very heartbeat of God.

Fusion is a people-building process, which connects people with God and with one another to glorify God through their lives.It is a group that recognizes that we cannot grow in isolation and thereby connections are important for warmer fellowship, deeper discipleship, stronger worship, broader ministry and to evangelize the nations.

Whether this is your first time to attend church or if you are a long time church attender we do our best to create an engaging atmosphere for all people. At Fusion Church you'll find services to be:


ellowship with God.   Psalm 95:6

nity with fellow believers around common purposes.   Acts 2:42

criptural foundation for all we do.   2 Timothy 3:16

nnovative methods in order to most effectively win people to Jesus Christ.    1 Cor 9:22

bedience to Christ in all areas of life.   1 Peter 1:14 -16

urturing, accepting, authentic relationships    2 Peter 3:18

I’m keyed up you have chosen to click us online and I hope to meet you this Sunday on campus. "There is a warm accepting place waiting for you and your family"

Truly in Him

Connections that last forever

Rev.Vuppula Ebenezer Benjamin

Pastor- Fusion Church

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