Welcome Note

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)
Children are one of the most precious creation of God. Indeed isn't it true? Quoting from Psalms 127:3 (NLT),... "Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from him."

We at Fusion Super Kids strongly believe that every child is special in his/her own way. We nurture kids in the love of Christ and do our part in preparing them to become better Christians for tomorrow.

Fusion Super Kids is a Sunday School with a difference. Classified as per their age, we have unique activities designed as per the specific requirements of the children and their level of understanding. Every group is mentored under the loving care of a teacher, who gives personalized attention to each child.

Fusion Super Kids Sunday School starts off with our sweet innocent souls praying to the Almighty Father and praising Him with all their hearts. Memory verses is one of the core parts of our Sunday School Curriculum which enables children to grow and be rooted in the Word of God right from the early stages. Sunday School hymns accompanied with lovely actions makes it a delight to watch and enjoyed by all children. This also hones their musical talents.

Creativity is helmed at its best with special focus on art and craft. The Fusion Super Kids have a time of wonderful fellowship, sketching and painting their hearts out. You can also find them engaged in making paper art and interesting craft work. Apart from their regular activities, we have our young talents preparing for skits, dance sequences and singing carols as part of Fusion Kids Christmas celebrations. In a nutshell, our kids are happy souls enjoying the Grace of God and preparing their spiritual journey at the most crucial phase of their lives.

Here is an opportunity for enriching your child's future by helping him/her take baby steps in the Christian faith and in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please visit us with your kids and have a blessed time. Hope to see you soon.
- Bernice Ebenezer

Sunday School Timings : 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM on every Sunday

What To Expect


Worship Team

Worship team brings the best out of children of all age groups by worshiping the Lord with action songs. Children enjoy doing action songs with lots of enthusiasm. Its gives immense pleasure to see their little hands and little sweet voices glorify our Lord.


Games zone

We conduct indoor games which help kids to enjoy the fun time as well as to refresh their knowledge on Bible stories.


Sunday school classes

We have different classes based on age groups of children.
- Pre-Beginners will be engaged more of coloring and make them engaged with story books.
- Beginners, Primary, Juniors, Seniors, Teens are different sections where we provide workbooks with lessons from the Bible and activities suitable to their age groups.



We engage toddlers of ages 0 to 2 years with toys and games. Our volunteers take good care of the toddlers so that parents can spend time at worship and listen to the sermon.


Parents' Testimony

Our boys have absolutely loved the children's class at Fusion Church! The lively songs, creative teaching of bible verses and stories about Jesus make them look forward for Sunday mornings all the weeks. My husband and I are able to focus on worship more, knowing that kids are well looked after in their class.
- David & Laura

Parents' Testimony

My kids have been in Fusion Church Sunday school for the past 8 years. The best part of this association is that I do not have to push them to wake up and get ready. My kids ask for, demand, and willingly want to be there at church. The church has been a great support for us. The kids have learnt how to pray, to deal with the society, peer pressure and all other aspects of leading a Christian life. If you are looking for a kid-friendly church with good foundation on God’s principles, then here it is. Jesus is the center of this church. The Sunday school director and teachers are dedicated and hardworking, and they’ve always made a difference in the children's lives. Thanks to Fusion Church for such a great spiritual journey for my kids.
An example: My daughter is a teenager and her friends invited her to a birthday party, which happened to be on Good Friday. Even without asking me, my daughter told them she can't make it ‘coz she has to be in church. Then one of her friends had criticized/pressured her not to go by saying “It’s a shame that you have to sit in church for so many hours.” to which she replied saying, "I am not in church because I HAVE TO. I am going to church because I WANT TO". If a 14 year old can say that, then my job as a parent to impart my faith to her, and church’s job of teaching her God’s ways, are fulfilled. God bless Fusion Church a million fold and may it reach millions of kids and families in building a better future.

Parents' Testimony

First of all..I would like to Thank God for giving me and my family a great church or rather i would say a family who look after my kids even in our absence and chide them guide them in His ways.
My two kids, since the time they were in their diapers used to attend the "FUSION SUPER KIDS".
Sunday school teachers are the first teachers for my kids they learn a lot from them. And fusion sunday school teachers did excellent in our both kids life till now. From the days of their baby sitting nurturing their talents and enabling their talents to use them for Gods Glory..
I and my wife heartfully thank God and Fusion church for partnering us in the upbringing of our Kids.
And we have joined my third child also and we are very happy..
Praise God..
- Mr & Mrs Srikanth Raula
Parents of Angelina junia, Sharon Atalia, Iscah joann

Sunday School Teacher's Testimony

It gives me great joy to share my experience with you all on how blessed I am, to be a part of Fusion Church Kids Ministry. We started with a small group and now we have a good number of children who gather together week after week. The joy of introducing Jesus personally to a child and helping them to come closer to God has personally enriched me and my spiritual journey. The enthusiasm and desire that children show to learn more about God motivates us to invest more of our time and effort to groom them into strong ambassadors of Christ in today's world.
- Evangeline

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